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How to look up a well log

We have created this guide to help our clients and provide them with instructions on how to look up their own Well Logs using the BC Water Resources Atlas. This is a two part process: finding your PID, and then using your PID to look up the well log in the BC Water Resources Atlas.

Finding your PID

To find this, you’ll need the address of the property the well is located on (as it appeared on your letter of assessment or your property assessment).

Instructions on how to find your PID to look up your well log.

Go to BC Property Assessment and enter the address of the property. You should see the property listed in the search box. Click on the property, then click “Show property details and recent sales history.” 

Independent Pump and Mechanical's Well Log Look up "how to guide." Use your PID to look up your well log.

Under “LEGAL DESCRIPTION AND PROPERTY ID” you’ll see the PID. Copy it down, you’ll need it for the next step.

If the property you are looking up is a brand new parcel it may not be displayed.

Looking up your well log on BC Water Atlas using your PID.

You will need Microsoft Silverlight installed to run this application. If you don’t already have it installed you’ll be prompted to install it. 

Independent Pump well log lookup BC Water Resources Atlas

Go to BC Water Resouces Atlas website and under “Land Ownership” in the navigation pane on the left hand side, under the Water Wells drop down, click the second entry, “Water Wells” to check the box.

Independent Pump and Mechanical guide to looking up a well using a PID and BC Water Resources Atlas

Then under the Land Ownership drop down, click on “Integrated Cascadial Fabric – Private Ownership” to check the box. Leave everything else as it is.

How to look up a well record using the PID and BC Water Resources Atlas

Now select “Query” from the navigation menu at the top. Next, click locate parcel. Enter your PID without hyphens or spaces (sometimes there is a space at the end if you are copying and pasting the PID).

Well log look up query analysis of BC Water Resources Atlas

The next step is to click “Analysis” which you’ll find on the top navigation bar above the map. Click “Point”. Locate the property by zooming in or scrolling to the appropriate section on the map. Wells appear as blue dots. After clicking “Point,” click on the well record you are looking for. If there are multiple wells on a single property you can often discern the well you are querying by considering the well’s location on the property (for example, near the back of the property, or closer to the road).

How to look up a well recrod guide by IndependentPump
Click on the link that says “Water Well”. Then scroll over (to the right) to find the linked well record.

How to look up multiple well records

Note: To look up multiple records simultaneously, select “Rectangle”, and choose “Table View” to select all of the wells in a parcel.


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